CHI Quick Smooth

Ammonia Free. Permanently smoothes and controls frizzy hair and softens curly hair. Contains pure natural silk making the hair incredibly soft, smooth, silky and shiny. Offers quick service time with five easy steps.

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Product Description:

CHI Quick Smooth is a chemical process that permanently smoothes and controls frizzy hair, using CHI 44 technology, pure natural silk and Cationic Hydration Interlink. This process softens natural curls and allows hair to be more manageable. It also gives hair versatility by allowing wavy or straight styles to be worn and be smoother and frizz free. CHI Quick Smooth has two phases and five simple steps to quickly achieve smoother more manageable hair.

Each CHI Quick Smooth Includes One of Each:

  • * CHI Quick Smooth Cream Solution Phase 1 (4 oz.)
  • * CHI Quick Smooth Cream Neutralizer Phase 2 (4 oz.)
  • * CHI Ionic Color Lock Treatment (.5 oz.)
  • * CHI Quick Smooth Technical Manual
  • * CHI Quick Smooth Instructional Sheet